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Killzone 3 Valentine’s Day Surprise

Awww, Scholar Visari, you shouldn’t have. But you did, and now my Valentine’s Day is truly special.

To my surprise, I was greeted by a delivery man this fine morning of February the 14th. A very special someone was asking me to be their Valentine. A little gift of Killzone 3 chocolate bars sweetened the thoughtful gesture, but the picture of himself was what really got me blushing…

Signed by Visari himself, with a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day, Hugs and Killzone 3” to close.

This leaves me with a couple questions — does this Helghast mask match the sexy lingerie I bought to wear for him this evening? And what type of wine does the Autarch of the Planet Helghan enjoy? I want to make tonight the perfect Valentine’s Day.

Well, off to my bikini waxing. Gotta make this night extra special. Wink, wink.