Jill Valentine and Nemesis Adorn Best Buy’s Resident Evil 3 Steelbook Case

Steelbook cases are always a nice addition to any physical game collection. Thankfully, Resident Evil 3 fans will have the option to bring one home for the upcoming remake. Purchasing a copy of the remake from Best Buy (PS4/Xbox One) will net costumers a free steelbook (normally $19.99), adorned with Nemesis on the front and Jill Valentine on the back.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Best Buy is the only way to pick up the steelbook. This special case does not feature in any of the title’s Collector’s Editions, either. See the Best Buy-exclusive steelbook in the following image, courtesy of Wario64 on Twitter:

resident evil 3 steelbook

It is a rather simple design overall, which takes liberties with the standard cover art for Resident Evil 3’s remake. Akin to the regular box art, Nemesis appears on the front cover. However, instead of Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira filling out the art’s bottom half, the RE3 logo sits beneath the big bad. Jill alone adorns the steelbook’s back, posed in a manner identical to her appearance on the standard version’s box art.

With Resident Evil 3’s remake, Capcom isn’t crafting a one-to-one experience compared to the 1999 original. Characters such as Brad Vickers and Carlos, for instance, will have a more expansive role in the story. Capcom has yet to reveal specifics on this matter, however.

Resident Evil 3 returns with a remade adventure in just a few weeks. The title will hit store shelves for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on April 3rd. Those who preorder a digital copy on the PlayStation Store will receive a free Static Theme for PS4.

[Source: Best Buy via Wario64 on Twitter]