Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Here’s a Better Look at Resident Evil 3’s New Nemesis, Along With Playable Carlos in Action

Resident Evil 3 remake is almost here and as we approach its PS4 release, Capcom has been steadily pumping out info since its announcement last year. Today, we were treated to a new trailer that shows the horrifying Nemesis in action, along with footage of the playable Carlos Oliveira, and a handful of screenshots.

Now that Capcom is taking advantage of updated hardware with the PS4, Nemesis is even more terrifying than you might remember, not only sporting the iconic rocket launcher but a new flamethrower as well. One screenshot also hints at the return of the brutal execution where Nemesis lifts Jill by her head and stabs her with a tentacle from his palm, much like in the 1999 original. As we reported last week, Resident Evil 3 will feature much larger areas than 2019’s Resident Evil 2, so you’ll need to be on your toes to make sure Nemesis doesn’t get the drop on you.

The trailer also showed Carlos Oliveira, who will play a much larger role this time around. You can see him rescuing the game’s protagonist, Jill Valentine, as well as short clips of him battling it out against Raccoon City’s deadliest foes. Check out the trailer below:

Joining Resident Evil 3 is Resident Evil Resistance, which will serve as the package’s multiplayer component. In it, you’ll play as one of four survivors or the Mastermind, who’s tasked with setting traps to take out the other players. It’s been confirmed that the Tyrant (Mr. X) from Resident Evil 2 will be playable in this mode, leading to some speculation that Nemesis might be as well, but this has not yet been confirmed by Capcom.

Resident Evil 3 will launch for PS4 on April 3, 2020. You can preorder it through Amazon.

Resident Evil 2 has been updated to include nods to Resident Evil 3, like a collectible note left from Jill Valentine which awards a new trophy (check out our trophy guide on how to find it here), as well as a Nemesis reference in the R.P.D demo, available to download free right now.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the newly released screenshots below:

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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