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Project Resistance Will Put a Bit of a Spin on Asymmetric Multiplayer

Project Resistance’s teaser trailer hinted as much, but now it’s much more clear–this Resident Evil entry will center around asymmetric multiplayer. The team behind the Onimusha: Warlords rerelease, NeoBards Entertainment, is leading development on the 4v1 title for Capcom. With the 2019 Tokyo Game Show currently underway, even more information has emerged and we’ve gotten a first look at the 4v1 gameplay.

In Project Resistance (a working title), players either assume the role of one of four survivors trying to escape a deadly experiment, or they’ll be tasked with thwarting these attempts as the Mastermind figure. Get a look at how this will play out in the title’s first gameplay trailer:

This 4v1 experience is a little different from what fans of Friday the 13th: The Game may be used to. Instead of stalking camp counselors around Crystal Lake, the Mastermind character runs things behind the scenes through security cameras. Such mechanics keep him one step ahead of the group, as he sets traps and other obstacles for the four survivors to maneuver around. For example, one obstacle may include the summoning of deadly creatures, another could involve the weaponizing security cameras.

Meanwhile, the four survivors must work together as a group. They’ll need to strategically avoid traps, solve puzzles, and complete a wide variety of mission objectives, all in an effort to escape the Mastermind’s vicious map before the timer runs down.

Project Resistance does not yet have an official release date. When it does launch, fans can expect to pick the title up for either the PlayStation 4, PC, or Xbox One. For a chance to explore the game a little early, be sure to sign up for the closed beta, which will begin on October 4th for consoles and end on October 7th.

[Source: Capcom via Gematsu]