Jill Valentine Joins Resident Evil Resistance Today, Nicholai Ginovaef Becomes a Mastermind in May

Today, Resident Evil 3 protagonist Jill Valentine joins Resident Evil Resistance as a survivor in a free update. Capcom has a few other updates up its sleeve, too. In May, RE3 villain Nicholai Ginovaef will enter the online experience as a Mastermind character. There’s another bit of content coming in June and the following months, though Capcom is not yet ready to share specifics.

Capcom shared the news in a recent Twitter post, teasing its future content plans as well. See the post below, complete with a roadmap of sorts:

RE Resistance serves as an asymmetrical multiplayer mode in RE3. The mode locks four survivors in an arena, then tasks them with outlasting the machinations of a fifth player character, the Mastermind. As the Mastermind, one player is responsible for setting traps and challenges for the four survivors to overcome, all in an effort to keep them from successfully escaping. The addition of Jill Valentine and the forthcoming arrival of Nicholai Ginovaef suggests the survivor and Mastermind rosters will continuously be fleshed out in the months ahead.

Resident Evil 3 recently launched for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. After five days on the market, the remake achieved considerable sales success, moving two million units in the short span of time. Last year’s Resident Evil 2 continues to perform well, too. Capcom’s latest report notes the 2019 hit has shifted an impressive 6.5 million copies. Such success is contributing to the franchise as a whole, which now sits at approximately 95 million units sold.

[Source: Resident Evil on Twitter via VG247]