Jill Valentine Joins Resident Evil Resistance in Free Update on April 17th

Resident Evil 3 is out now across all platforms. As is often the case with new releases, a launch trailer recently went live online. Of course, it teases what the game has in store. But most interesting is the reveal that Jill Valentine will soon join the asymmetrical multiplayer component, Resident Evil Resistance. Jill will arrive in a free update later this month on April 17th.

Check out Resident Evil 3’s launch trailer in the brief video below:

Capcom confirmed Jill Valentine’s addition to Resident Evil Resistance in a press release. The publisher plans to unleash more details about future RE Resistance content sometime soon.

In RE Resistance, four survivors are pitted against the Mastermind. Players can either take the role of a survivor or join as the Mastermind character. In the survivor role, the object is to outlast the villain’s strategic attacks, all of which are launched to wipe out the group. Players who assume the Mastermind’s chair must create obstacles and traps to ensure their prey don’t escape with their lives.

Several of Resident Evil’s legendary adversaries can appear as the Mastermind, including Alex Wesker, Annette Birkin, and Ozwell E. Spencer. Each one utilizes their own specially designed brand of villainy to torment players. Thanks to this aspect of the experience, fans will get to control classic bioweapons for the first time. This includes the bioengineered supersoldiers known as Tyrants and the mutated form of William Birkin, G-Birkin.

Resident Evil Resistance is packaged in Resident Evil 3’s remake, which launched today on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

[Source: Capcom]