Resident Evil Resistance’s Open Beta is Finally Live on PS4 and Steam

Resident Evil Resistance was originally supposed to go live on the PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One last Friday. While the Xbox One version worked just fine, there were unspecified technical issues for the PS4 and Steam versions. As a result, Capcom postponed the beta’s release on those two platforms. Finally, fans across both can now jump into the asymmetrical multiplayer experience. Those who want to sign on should make sure the 1.01 update downloads, as well.

Al Yang, Game Director on Resident Evil Resistance, confirmed news of the beta’s PS4 and Steam launch via the following Twitter post:

The beta comes to a close this Friday, once Resident Evil 3 officially launches worldwide. In the beta, players can try out Resistance’s 1v4 matches, which sees four Survivors try to outlast the Mastermind’s attacks. As a Survivor, players must work together to complete objectives and fend off the villain’s evil machinations. In the role of the Mastermind, a player will set traps and orchestrate obstacles to ensure the four Survivors don’t make it out alive.

Resident Evil 3 will come to the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One later this week on April 3rd. In addition to the Resistance beta, fans can also try out a mission via RE3’s free demo.

[Source: Al Yang on Twitter]