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Capcom Will Launch Resident Evil 3’s Demo This Week, RE Resistance Beta Drops on March 27th

A recent Resident Evil 3 demo rumor seems to have been mostly correct. While a Capcom insider claimed the demo would launch on March 20th, the free trial will actually go live on Thursday, March 19th. Players across the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms can all take part. In addition, the company plans to host an open beta for Resident Evil Resistance, RE3’s asymmetrical multiplayer component. The open beta will drop later this month on March 27th.

A new trailer highlighting both the demo and RE Resistance’s open beta features in the video below:

Unlike the demo for Resident Evil 2 last year, the RE3 trial isn’t a 1-shot. Instead, players will get to venture through the demo without time constraints in place. However, it would not be wise to drop your guard or abandon good tactics. Jill Valentine’s desperate attempt to escape Raccoon City will come with more than its fair share of challenges, especially with Nemesis on the prowl. Players should anticipate ammo and item scarcity, too. As such, going in guns blazing likely won’t serve as the the best course of action.

On March 27th, fans can have their first go at Resident Evil Resistance in an open beta across all platforms. In the co-op asymmetrical mode, players will get to either play as a Survivor in a group of four or assume the role of Mastermind. The Survivors will find themselves trapped in a deadly experiment room, designed to push them beyond their limits. Meanwhile, a sinister lone wolf, the Mastermind, will control the testing area. As the Mastermind, players must place traps and other obstacles to thwart the Survivors’ every attempt at survival and escape.

Resident Evil 3 returns in just a few weeks’ time on April 3rd for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: Capcom Blog]