Resident Evil 3 Demo Rumored to Go Live This Coming Friday

Late last month, Capcom confirmed a demo for Resident Evil 3’s remake was in the works. No details have gone live since then, but fans may not have to wait much longer to try the title out. Allegedly, the company plans to launch a free demo as early as Friday, March 20th.

This is merely rumor, however, which currently has no corroboration by Capcom. Still, the claim itself comes from Twitter user AestheticGamer, an insider who’s been correct about Resident Evil leaks in the past. When recently asked on Twitter if they were knowledgable about when Resident Evil 3’s demo would arrive, AestheticGamer simply replied, “March 20th.”

This particular date does not sound too farfetched. After all, the game itself will hit stores just two weeks later. Many may recall that RE2’s 1-shot demo launched last year on January 11th, exactly two weeks before the full game’s arrival. Now the question remains whether the free trial for Resident Evil 3 will similarly take the form of a 1-shot demo.

With the 1-shot demo for RE2, players were only given a 30 minute window with which to play. Upon the clock’s striking zero, the demo ended, regardless of how much progress a player made. Capcom has yet to confirm whether RE3’s free trial will take on the same structure, but it would not be too much of a surprise.

Resident Evil 3 returns in just a few weeks on April 3rd for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. An asymmetrical multiplayer mode, Resident Evil Resistance, will come packaged along with it.

[Source: AestheticGamer on Twitter]