Resident Evil 2 Update

Resident Evil 2 Getting Updated to Acknowledge Resident Evil 3 and Jill Valentine Following Reveal

Now that the dust has settled after the announcement of Resident Evil 3 remake, more interesting nuggets of information have started popping up regarding it and its predecessor, Resident Evil 2. Yesterday we learned that Resident Evil 3 was originally supposed to be part of a package with Resident Evil 2, but the games were split and Resident Evil 3 was delayed. Now the Resident Evil 2 remake will be getting updated to acknowledge the existence of Resident Evil 3—at least if a new Steam achievement is any indication. The new achievement, titled “Chasing Jill,” features the description “Read a letter left behind by Jill.” Jill Valentine is the main character in Resident Evil 3, which takes place at least partially alongside the same timeline as Resident Evil 2. At one point in 3, Jill enters the same police station that Leon is in, though their paths don’t directly cross.

It’s unknown when this small update will role out (or if it’s already hidden in the game), but it should be relatively soon since the achievement has popped up on Steam already. It’s worth noting that typically, there is parity between Steam achievements and PlayStation trophies, but it’s unknown if it will be added for the console version at this time. We don’t know if any other connections to Resident Evil 3 will be made or if the letter is the only nod that ties the two together.

In just under a year, Resident Evil 2 remake has already outperformed the lifetime sales of the 1998 original, reaching an impressive 5 million copies sold. The horror remake was also one of the year’s best-reviewed games, and many outlets are already featuring it in their end-of-year discussions. If Resident Evil 3 remake is anything like its predecessor, it has the opportunity to be yet another win for Capcom, which has experienced a major renaissance as of late.

Resident Evil 3 remake will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3, 2020.

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