resident evil 3 ps4 theme

Get a Free Theme for Preordering Resident Evil 3 on PlayStation 4

The promise of Resident Evil 3 is not the only thing you will receive when preordering a digital copy on the PlayStation Store. In addition, customers will gain access to a free static theme for the PS4. From the looks of it, the static theme itself is essentially the remake’s box art with music and sound effects from the game. Regardless, some Resident Evil fans may find the digital extra more than worthwhile, especially because it eschews the big branding most free themes go for and presents the art unsullied by logos.

For a closer look at the static theme and it’s unique icons and audio, check out the video below from RenkaWong:

Capcom unveiled Resident Evil 3’s remake last month, surprising many with an early 2020 release date. The title’s imminent return will not provide the exact same experience that fans of the original 1999 release remember, however. Some changes are set to make an appearance. Though Capcom remains tightlipped about the specifics, producers Peter Fabiano and Masachika Kawata recently teased that the role of Brad Vickers has undergone a few alterations.

The addition of a multiplayer component represents yet another change between the upcoming remake and the 20-year-old original. Capcom will package Resident Evil Resistance with Resident Evil 3, giving fans an online 4v1 experience to sink their teeth into alongside the single-player horrors. Formally known as Project Resistance, the asynchronous multiplayer will pit three survivors against one Mastermind. The player who assumes the role of the Mastermind must carefully observe their prey, strategically laying traps designed to stump their targets.

Resident Evil 3 will launch in a few months’ time on April 3rd for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

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