Killzone 3 Deploying DLC Trophies For Launch

Killzone 3 will be dropping down before you know it, but as soon as you get your copy you’ll have a quick patch to update the game. What could it possibly be? Some of it at least, is the bling-bling.

A patch was JUST released, 1.02, and it will be available as soon as you put in your Blu-Ray disc. The open beta that just finished last week, and all the information it provided for Guerilla Games was obviously put to good use. That was quite a quick turnaround though, so maybe this patch was to prepare the game for it’s Retro Map Pack, which you got for pre-ordering Killzone 3, regardless of if it was the standard or Helghast Edition.

After hearing of the patch from JustPushStart, I updated PlayStation LifeStyle’s copy of Killzone 3 and was able to see the update’s new trophies! These trophies are part of the “Reclaimed Territory” DLC, and includes new seven trophies, bringing the total up to 59. Here is the list:


Brutal Footsteps – Silent Killing

With Silent Footsteps skill active, Brutal Melee an enemy player


Demolotionist – Destroy Objectives

Demolish both buildings by winning Search & Destroy as ISA and Helghast in Salamun Market.

Tactical Master – Help capture Tactical Spawn Areas

Be playing at the moment your faction secures all four Tactical Spawn areas simultaneously in Salamun Market.

Death by Proxies – Proximity Mine Kills

Using Proximity Mines, kill two enemies within one minute in Blood Gracth

Blood Streak – Kill Streak

Get 5 Kill Streak in Blood Gracth

Little Big Weapons – Kill with secondary weapons

Get 15 kills using secondary weapons in a single match

Automata for the People – Automata destruction

Destroy an enemy Sentry Turret, Sentry Drone, and Medi-Droid in the same round

The Retro Map Pack DLC will also be available on the PlayStation Store for purchase on tomorrow’s weekly update, if you are picking the game up on release day and didn’t preorder it for some reason. While you’re waiting, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of Killzone 3. I can also assure you that a Trophy Guide is on the way, so fret not trophy lovers.