Turret Toting With Killzone 3’s Engineer

Killzone 3 releases this week, and if you’re as excited as we are then you’ll want to check out this developer diary detailing the multiplayer’s engineer class.

Killzone 3 is bringing some changes to the multiplayer mode of the game in an effort to improve upon it’s predecessor. One of those changes is allowing players to access all five playable classes right from the start of the game, and upgrade each individually as they see fit. In conjunction with the release of their new game, Guerrilla Games is posting five developer diaries, each detailing the key abilities and weapons of a particular class. Dan Nanni, Multiplayer Designer at Guerrilla, narrates the first of these videos today, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the Engineer:

With turrets, LMGs, and a grenade launching pistol, there is no doubt that engineers will play an important role in Killzone 3. Like in any good competitive game, the other four classes are sure to bring balance to the turret wielding carnage, so stick with us as we learn more about Killzone 3‘s armory and abilities throughout the week.