The ESRB Summary Is Not a Lie

The Portal series is making a triumphant return to PS3 on April 18th, 2011. Many gamers were worried Portal 2 would not release on the PS3, but their fears were put to rest when Gabe Newell showed up at Sony’s E3 press conference last year. The ESRB has just updated the Portal 2 page on their website.

ESRB has just updated their website with the summary of Portal 2, which you can read below. Be aware that there are very mild gameplay spoilers in the description.

This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of Chell, a human who is trapped in a scientific testing facility. From a first-person perspective, players solve numerous physical puzzles as they navigate through post-apocalyptic environments. Players use a ‘portal gun’ to open transportation gateways. Throughout the game, players must avoid hazards such as stationary gun turrets, toxic substances, poisonous gas, and giant pistons; some sequences are accompanied by realistic gunfire. Robot droids can also be destroyed; for example, in one boss battle, players must defeat a robot by throwing small bombs. The words ‘damn’ and ‘hell’ can be heard in the dialogue.

If you have waited for the ability to throw small bombs at robots, then head on over the Amazon and pre-order now.