PS Home Version 1.5 Coming in Spring, Includes Real-Time Multiplayer

March 1, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

While PlayStation Home may not have been the ultimate online hub that was originally envisaged for the service, the PlayStation 3 social application has millions of users that frequent the service regularly, as well as a growing library of Home games. At this year’s Games Developer’s Conference, Sony has detailed the next big leap for Home – version 1.5 – which will include real-time multiplayer, improved physics and refined graphics.

PlayStation Home’s Platform Director, Peter Edward, already believes that if you go back and try out Home “you won’t be disappointed”, so the update is sure to just make using Home all that more tempting.

Set to release “this spring”, it will enable developers to create “fast-action” online first-person shooters and racing games within Home, with Sony highlighting the upcoming Sodium 2: Project Velocity. 1.5 will also feature a revamped physics engine, which will improve the realism of physics based events. There will also be new animation tools for refined graphics and frame-rates.

PlayStation LifeStyle is at GDC right now, and we’ll be looking to find out more about Home 1.5 as well as Sodium 2, so stay tuned to PSLS for live GDC coverage as the event continues.

PlayStation Home’s Platform Director, Peter Edward,