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PlayStation Suite Coming To Tegra 2 Devices

March 11, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Announced during a press conference earlier in the year, PlayStation Suite will bring PlayStation One and “PlayStation Quality” games to certain Android devices that are qualified as PlayStation Certified. While Sony Ericsson has announced the Xperia Play, the first PS Certified phone, Sony and SE have both been rather quiet about any plans for a certified Android tablet. If you were hoping to play portable Syphon Filter on a larger screen, don’t worry, NVIDIA have announced that “the world’s first mobile super chip” will soon support PS Suite.

NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone app has announced that PS Suite will be coming to Tegra 2 devices, which includes tablets like the Motorola Xoom tablet, as well as many upcoming smartphones. However, the PlayStation Certified program will still be rolled out on a device-by-device basis, so owning a Tegra 2 handheld does not guarantee PlayStation Access.

With Sony expected to unveil a Tegra 2 tablet-with-a-twist later this year, everything points towards a PlayStation supported Sony tablet by Christmas.