Konami Plays Part in Earthquake Recovery by Disabling MGO Temporarily

It was only yesterday that a record-breaking earthquake shattered Japan. Violent shaking, tsunamis, and energy shortages were just a few of the negative effects that the 8.9 magnitude earthquake had. While several large-profile companies updated us stating they are fine, the critical state of the country had to affect gaming in one way or another, and it appears that Metal Gear Online (Metal Gear Solid 4‘s multiplayer component) is the first to raise its hand.

Konami’s official Metal Gear Online website has given explanation to Metal Gear Online‘s online service going down within the past 24-hours. Below is the reason (roughly translated from Japanese):

The earthquake epicenter off the coast of the northeastern Taiheiyou Sanriku we raised on March 11. Will be temporarily suspended services to assist the power supply shortage.

Resumption Services will contact you shortly.

Konami is doing its native country a huge service by shutting down its servers and conserving energy for restoration efforts. This may or may not affect the European and North American versions of Metal Gear Online, but this will likely last several days as Japan rebuilds and tries to go back to the way things were before the devastation.

Donate to the Red Cross here to help with the relief work.