Metal Gear Online Gets Updated

Despite being released a few years ago, Metal Gear Solid 4‘s online component, Metal Gear Online, is still going strong with thousands still participating in virtual stealth action against opponents. Unfortunately, some players are using ‘fraudulent network connections’ which have a significant impact during gameplay slowing down sessions. Developer Konami has now addressed these issues and also delivered a few bonuses in a recently released patch for Metal Gear Online.

The patch released by Konami, is now live and apparently detects and gets rid of the fraudulent network connections. Also fixed via the update is the game’s Drebin Points system and the weapon and skill parameters have been tweaked. Additionally, idle kicks for automatic matches have been implemented.

The update also introduces the ability to play regular background music from past Metal Gear Solid games. Finally, the Scene, Gene and Meme expansion packs can be purchased through Metal Gear Solid 4‘s internal shop as well as Konami’s shop.