Homefront Receives Cold Shoulders as THQ Suffers Dramatically

March 16, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

THQ’s Homefront has remained a hot topic from before to after its release. The outrageous plot, overdone advertising, and developer-inspired hype have all played a part in making it the center of attention for months now. That isn’t to say it was bound to be successful, and if current trends are indicative of its impact, THQ might be sweating North Korean bullets.

Gamasutra has reported that THQ’s stock dipped by 26% on the same day that its expectation-supercharged title Homefront released on store shelves. The drop in stock to the stated $4.40 per share is the lowest since before the holiday season of last year.

Given the average reception of Homefront, there’s a chance that it simply hasn’t delivered on expectations. It probably doesn’t help that Paul Pucino at THQ was quoted saying that there would need to be ‘two-million units sold’ to meet the cost of producing the game and cut even.

If you’ve played Homefront, do you think it deserved the cold shoulders that it received? Share what you think of the game and THQ’s predicament below.