Preliminary Resistance 3 Trophy List Unveiled

March 16, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

A new video has surfaced showing the trophy list for Resistance 3, which was on display at the PlayStation Lounge in Austin, Texas. Considering the game is still deep in development, only some of the trophies are actual real ones that we are likely to see in the final game – the others are in fact placeholder trophies, concocted by Insomniac with a dash of their well known sense of humor.

Someone managed to grab a video (Update – the video has been taken down “due to a copyright claim by Insomniac Games/Sony Computer Entertainment) of the trophies during a preview at the PlayStation Lounge. Take the following list with a grain of salt, since many of these are just plain silly, with Insomniac certain to change them before the game’s release.


World Tour – Complete a game in 6 different countries in Online Competitive

Time Bomb – Complete 5 chain reaction games in Online Competitive

Power House – Complete 5 breach games in Online Competitive

Patriot – Complete 5 Capture the Flag games in Online Competitive

Engineer – Upgrade 3 load out items

Educated – Spend your first ability point

Top Secret Trophy #0 – 10010101010101010111

Top Secret Trophy #1 – Don’t say anything

Top Secret Trophy #2 – I dare you to

Top Secret Trophy #3 – Don’t even think about it 😀

OMG YES – Acquire Internship

Dream come true – Went to E3

Rehired – Intern rehired


Death From Above – Activate a Wormhole or Bombers in Online Competitive

Survivor – Reach Rank 10 in Online Competitive

Pyrotechnic  – Get 200 kills with explosive or fire based damage in Online Competitive

Toxic – Get 200 kills with the Plague Thrower or Cryogun in Online Competitive

Xenophone – Get 200 kills with the Carbine, Shotgun, or Marksman in Online Competitive

Xenophile – Get 200 kills with the Bullseye, Auger, or Flashpoint

Irresistable Force – Complete Campaign mode on any difficulty

Silent Partner – Complete Campaign mode in Co-op

Check this out – Sit in on 5 show and tells

Soccer Thursday – Join soccer group and play in 5 games

Most important meal of the day – Eat 200 breakfast meals at the office

Shussshhh – Played Top Secret Game

Happy Birthday Roman! – Attend happy hour for Roman’s birthday

Late night? – Stayed at work past 11pm

Bad Puns – Subscribe to SpamEveryone mailing list

It’s faster than walking – Ride a scooter a total distance of 300 meters


Remnant – Reach Rank 20 in Online Competitive

The Ted Price? – Have lunch with Ted Price

Soccer Thursdays – Join soccer group and play 5 games

Old School – Participate in the Pong tournament

Someone messed up – Submitted work that broke the game

No Cutting! – Get first in line on Free Lunch Friday

Stylo – Equip an Insomniac Hoody for 10 hours

While most of the trophies won’t see the light of day, its great to see that Insomniac’s trademark sense of humor extends to the workplace, and is not just present in their game.

Insomniac Games/Sony Computer Entertainment