Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Officially Announced

Mass Effect fans have been eagerly awaiting any more details regarding the “rumored” upcoming downloadable content for the hit release of Mass Effect 2. Up until now, BioWare has teased followers of the game by slowly leaking out individual screenshots along with cryptic messages, but the developer has now finally announced, and dated, the Arrival DLC.

BioWare once again took to their official Facebook page to announce the big news for the last installment of content for the sci-fi RPG shooter. Here is what their official announcement had to say:

Don’t miss out on the final chapter of Mass Effect 2!

Arrival hits March 29th!

Along with the great news, the developer decided to treat us with 3 brand new unseen screenshots, they can be found below:

Let the speculation begin on what occurs in this DLC, hopefully it packs the same amount of content as the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC that was already included on the PS3 version of the title.