Ready At Dawn Sounds Ready for A New IP

March 23, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Ready At Dawn Studios has only dealt with pre-existing franchises for the PlayStation Portable thus far, such as Daxter and two God of War titles. But it looks like the developer may be ready to branch out and produce their own new intellectual property, and not necessarily on a portable system.

According to a job posting spotted on, Ready At Dawn Studios is looking for a Senior Lighting Artist, Gameplay Programmer, and Senior Character Artist for work on a “AAA New IP for the Home Console.” These are all at their studio in Irvine, California and were posted late last week. Only one detail about the game was given, that it is a “3rd person action adventure” title, and again on a home console. So is Ready At Dawn moving on to the PlayStation 3? Or is it something else? Only time will tell, and you can be certain that as soon as PlayStation LifeStyle knows anything more you can read about it here.