A Slip of the Tongue is All it Takes in L.A. Noire

Yet another L.A. Noire trailer has shown up, this time showing how catching key responses in dialogue can make all the difference in solving a bonus pre-order case.

L.A. Noire‘s release day is quickly approaching, and so Team Bondi is wasting no time in showing us why we should all go pre-order the game right now. A new pre-order bonus has floated to the surface, this time coming from Wal-mart. Entitled “A Slip of the Tongue“, the pre-order case takes place while Cole Phelps is working the traffic desk, which turns out can be much more exciting than it sounds.

The pre-order bonus also comes with a $10 eGift card, which can only be used for online purchases, but still makes for a pretty decent bonus along with the additional content. It seems that no matter where you pre-order L.A. Noire some sort of bonus is coming your way, but so far this is the only other bonus case besides “The Naked City, which can be acquired by pre-ordering through GAME or GameStop. L.A Noire releases soon, and is currently slated for May 17th in North America, and May 20th in Europe. Have you secured your copy yet?