Sony and Brought Down By Anon Attack, More to Follow [Updated]

After claiming that Sony’s lawsuit against George Hotz et al was an attack on free speech, hacking collective Anonymous declared war on Sony. Hoping to seek revenge on the company, Anonymous warned that Sony would soon suffer for their actions. Now, and has fallen to the hackers, with more sites promised to follow.

Speaking on a IRC chat a group of Anonymous are currently attacking several Sony sites. At the moment both and (including the PlayStation Store over PC) are down, presumably due to a DDoS attack – a distributed denial-of-service attack. People involved in the attack, called “OpSony” are asking that hackers “crash all server of sony please”. (Update – Some people can connect to, but the site is extremely slow).

Update 2: The PSN is also experiencing intermittent connection issues for numerous gamers. (Sony have said that the “PSN currently undergoing sporadic maintenance. Access to the PSN may be interrupted throughout the day. We apologize for any inconvenience.”)

In a document detailing some members plans for the attack, other sites targeted include and, which are currently up.

Several members have also stated that the “Operation isnt over until sony do a press release”.

Update 3: Anonymous have released a video here.

Sony has yet to comment on the attacks. PlayStation LifeStyle will keep you updated as the situation develops.