Meet Two More Tales of Xillia Characters

April 8, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Namco Bandai has revealed some new images and information on two characters in its hotly anticipated RPG, Tales of Xillia for PlayStation 3.  Well, we say “two characters” kind of loosely. It’s more like one character that carries around another. Specifically, Eilse carries Tipo wherever she goes, and uses him (her? it?) in battle as well. Here’s Elise below, carrying her pet Tipo in her arms:

In battle, Elise can have Tipo on her back, or tell Tipo to float next to her. On her back, he’ll grant Elise a substantial magic boost. While floating, he’ll be used to physically attack the enemy.

Elise is a socially disliked citizen of the village of Ha Mil. Like many JRPG misfits, that means she’ll join the player’s party. Expect comic relief from Tipo.

Tales of Xillia is tentatively scheduled for release within 2011 in Japan, but an exact date is yet to be specified. Still not having been released in its native land, other localizations have not been announced at this time.