Is Quantic Dream Due for an Acquisition from Sony?

April 10, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

French game developing company Quantic Dream has built a short but powerful portfolio over the past decade. Indigo Prophecy caught some attention when it released in 2005 due to its interesting choice of presentational and gameplay elements, which Heavy Rain would improve on several years later. The team’s exclusive contribution to Sony’s PlayStation 3 platform was felt last year in full force, and the confirmation of two brand new titles currently in development is already invoking excitement.

Quantic Dream recently shared that their upcoming title will be published exclusively by Sony. David Cage, the company’s popular director, let it be known that the staff at Quantic Dream have been extremely satisfied with not only the PlayStation 3 hardware, but Sony’s relationship with them as a whole. Even more interesting, one of his two new games has a shot at being revealed in just a couple of months at the legendary E3 conference, and the only hurdle is their current discussion with Sony on the matter.

Is it possible that Quantic Dream’s history of success in a genre that hasn’t been fully explored will motivate Sony to acquire the French studio? Media Molecule delivered in similar fashion just a few years ago with the original LittleBigPlanet, which provided a memorable platforming experience unlike anything else on the market. Sony quickly purchased the studio, and Media Molecule has produced yet another massively successful exclusive title since then. Is Quantic Dream due for a deal? Share your response in the comments below.