RAGE Weapons Trailer Will Make Your Head Explode

id Software is widely considered the father of FPS genre, creating some of the very first, and most popular in history. With franchises like Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake it’s no wonder why they command such esteem. Looking to continue their success, id is hard at work on their latest title, RAGE, and is showing off the toys weapons you’ll get to use in an all-new trailer.

GameTrailers has posted the latest RAGE trailer which shows off a small sample of the weapons you’ll have at your disposal. Machine guns, shotguns, pistols and other staples all make an appearance, while some are more unorthodox like an electrified bow and the Wingstick. But what makes the trailer really interesting, is to see how id has added a unique twist to each of these weapons.

See full trailer below:


If you have to take one thing away from this trailer, it’s that RAGE will be supporting some mighty fine graphics. Look to experience id Software’s latest creation, when RAGE releases later this year.