DOOM Eternal Ancient Gods Part Two Teased

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two Teased in New Trailer, Full Reveal Coming Later This Week

DOOM Eternal‘s second story expansion The Ancient Gods – Part Two has been kept under wraps until this past weekend, when the teaser trailer went live too early on Bethesda’s Italian Youtube channel. The English version of the teaser trailer has now been released and it shows off epic battles ahead of the DLC’s full reveal later this week.

The Ancient Gods – Part Two will be the end to DOOM Slayer’s tale and the end of the war against Hell. According to a since removed description on the Bethesda Store, the DLC will see DOOM Slayer lay siege to the last bastion of the dark realm, Immora, before taking on the Dark Lord and sealing the demons in Hell. The battle will take place across many new locations, including ruined ancient Sentinel settlements, the World Spear, and an abandoned and decaying city that’s home to a mysterious gateway.

New enemies will make that battle even more difficult. There’s the Armored Baron with special armor and a charged fist attack. Then there’s the Stone Imp who prefers to get up close and personal thanks to his near impenetrable skin. Avoid the Cursed Prowler’s venomous claws, and be careful where you kill the zombie-like Screeches as they empower other demons in the nearby vicinity when they die. The good news is the ancient weapon known as the Sentinel Hammer can create a shockwave that stops demons in their tracks. If combined with Flame Belch or an Ice Bomb, it will produce health or armor.

The DLC follows on from the events of The Ancient Gods – Part One. After slaying Khan Maykr, an imbalance was created that threw creation into peril. The demons of Hell invaded and laid waste to the heavens and they threatened to continue their march. DOOM Slayer joined forces with an old ally to return to Urdak and make amends. This standalone expansion was released last October.

The full trailer for the upcoming DLC expansion is due to be released on March 17. A Microsoft Store listing, as spotted by Game Infinitus, claims the DLC will be released the day after on March 18. We’ll have to wait and see if that comes true.

[Source: Bethesda Store via Game Infinitus]