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DOOM Eternal’s The Ancient Gods: Part One DLC Raises Hell in October

As previously promised by Bethesda and id Software, DOOM Eternal’s first DLC expansion, The Ancient Gods: Part One, received its first full trailer during gamescom: Opening Night Live. In addition to showcasing new footage, Bethesda and id announced a release date for the expansion. Fans can hop into DOOM Eternal’s next batch of content this fall on October 20th.

Check out the trailer in the following post:

In defeating the Khan Maykr, the Slayer inadvertently unleashed an imbalance of power. Simply put, all of creation is in threat of crumbling to ruins. All hope is not lost, though. An old ally will return in The Ancient Gods: Part One to offer aid, as the Slayer fights to make their way back to Urdak. Apparently, the fate of the cosmos rests on this particular mission’s success. Expect plenty more bloody Slayer action that players loved in the base game, along with a few surprises as id expands the game with this expansion.

Since the game’s launch earlier this year, id has continuously patched the title. The most recent update went live last week, adding free Render Modes to the experience across all platforms.

DOOM Eternal is available now on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. Those who already own a current-gen copy of the shooter will receive a free upgrade to the PS5/Xbox Series X version. When these updated versions will arrive is presently unknown. We also don’t know how the entitlements will transfer, something that’s been a little bit different for every game getting a next-gen upgrade. Perhaps more concrete information will surface once Sony and Microsoft finally announces launch dates for the new systems themselves.

[Source: DOOM on Twitter]