“Like” Battlefield 3? Prove It and Unlock 12-Min Vid [UPDATE]

April 16, 2011Written by Ray Conley

Can’t get enough of EA’s Battlefield 3 footage? Neither can we. In fact, there is a grand opportunity for you and your fellow ground-pounders to help push a new 12-minute trailer to the fore-front this weekend. What is your mission should you choose to accept it? Simply, just “Like” it.

The folks over at EA know that many of us are eager to feast your eyes on more killer footage of their upcoming shooter Battlefield 3. However, they want to see just how bad we really want it. To get the trailer unlocked, you’ll need to sprint on over to Facebook and click the “Like” button on their Facebook Page. However, 1 million people have to “like” it for the video to be unshackled. Once it does, grab a soda, sit back and relax.

UPDATE: Even before this news went live, it looks like the 12 minute trailer has already been unlocked. It also seems that there is another video with the producer’s commentary that is still locked. So be sure get those “likes” in to hear what the producers have to say about their upcoming FPS.