Final Fantasy IV Brings Old Game to New Life On Old Version of New System

April 20, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Square Enix continues to re-release its most treasured classics in modern bundles, the latest example being Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection for PSP. The game has just shipped to retailers across North America, after having been launched in Japan and soaring to the tops of the sales charts about a month ago.

The game is available for PSN download and in boxed-up retail form, but those purchasing in the latter format will be rewarded with a download voucher for Cecil’s “Knight of the Twin Moon” costume in Dissidia 012, Square Enix’s recently released fighter which features Final Fantasy characters.

This bundle is a little different than a lot of Square Enix’s ports and remakes for which the company gets a little bit of scorn on the internet. While there is generally some measure of modification in these re-releases, Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection looks to finally be the definitive version of a 20-year-old classic RPG. Years ago, a sequel had been released exclusively for WiiWare and Japanese cellphones, called Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Originally released in episodic chunks, the entirety of this sequel, plus an exclusive new episode that joins it more closely with the original game, has been all wrapped up together to give the PSP an exclusive package that would seem highly appealing to lots of longtime Final Fantasy series fans. The graphics and music have been overhauled to look and sound more crisp, yet preserve their old-timey feel.

The game carries a T rating and $29.99 US price tag.