See the Latest Hot and Sizzling Catherine Screenshots

April 27, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Today, Atlus has revealed eight more screenshots for its upcoming “erotic horror puzzle-platformer adventure” game, Catherine. The screenshots show a variety of in-game scenes, including story sequences, and some of the block-moving gameplay.

Here are the screens:

Catherine follows the story of Vincent, a man who is being pressured by his lover of five years, Katherine, to get married. Wallowing in indecision, he meets a sultry girl at his local bar one night, named Catherine, and the two spend the night together. After that day, he is plagued by horrible nightmares, where he and other men (represented as sheep) must struggle to survive; if Vincent dies in one of these nightmares, he will also die in the real world.

The game features multiple modes of play, dialogue choices that affect how Vincent behaves, and branching stories that determine which girl Vincent pursues.

was released in Japan on February 17 of this year, and the PS3 version topped Japanese sales charts at over 140,000 copies sold. It will arrive on North American shelves this summer.