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Moogles Deliver Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Quest Info

April 28, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

Like any other title in Square Enix’s biggest series, Final Fantasy Type-0 will have an overarching story that takes center stage and certain things that must be done in a specific order. But also like many titles within the franchise, there will be some optional content — and appropriately so, since it’s coming to a portable system, on which people tend to like side missions and such.

Series staple characters, the Moogles are of course back, and in this game, their name is an acronym for Military Operation Organization Guidance Logistic Expert. Talking to these soldiers of awesome will bring up a menu of sorts, at which players can browse, examine, and accept certain side quests. It’s not yet clear in a certain number of them will be required to have a half decent character, if they’ll reveal any more of the story, or if they’re just tacked on. Gamers have made comparisons to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which also had tons and tons of optional missions available; doing a few certainly had benefits to the player’s building of the character, though many players felt the quests got repetitive over time and offered throwaway rewards. These comparisons, however, are being made by gamers spouting conjecture, not by Dengeki (the info source) or Square Enix.

A last bit of revealed info confirms the appearance of other Final Fantasy signatures, namely the summon characters Ifrit and Golem. More will likely be revealed as the weeks go on.