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New Screenshots of PSP RPG Final Promise Story

Final Promise Story (from the Japanese “Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari“) is said to have over 100 hours of gameplay, though game makers and Famitsu Magazine (the source of this claim) are notorious exaggerators when it comes to play time estimations. Many fans have adopted a “cut it in half” rule when it comes to Famitsu’s game hours statements. For example, it was also stated that the extra episode in Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection would tack 15 hours onto the game, but most players are reporting that they finished it in five.

Of those 100 hours mentioned, approximately 70 are said to be side quests and optional content, while about 30 is the main story. Putting the tried-and-true formula into place, it seems to be about the average length for a handheld RPG.

Developer Imageepoch has let loose 24 new screenshots of the upcoming RPG Final Promise Story for the PSP.

Despite also being available digitally, this game’s retail pre-order campaigns actually managed to sell out in a lot of places, including Amazon, so high sales are almost a given. It may just debut at number one when the official numbers are announced next week; it launches in Japan today, so we’ll know fairly soon. Those will be posted as soon as they are available, so stay tuned.