ImageEpoch Tells Story of Trailers, Charity, File Sizes

ImageEpoch has released the animated opening video of its upcoming PSP RPG Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari, which can be translated as both “Story of the Last Promise” or more catchy-sounding “Final Promise Story.”

The company has paired this media with an announcement that for every digital copy this game sells on the PlayStation Network, it will donate 500 yen (roughly $6 US) to the Tohoku Disaster Relief Fund.

The digital version can be downloaded for 250 megabytes, which is smaller than a lot of PSP games’ install data, let alone the full game. .hack//Link, for example, has an install size of 800 MB. Some fans wondered if this means that the developers have cut some corners and are selling a lackluster game for full price. Amid the questions, Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage tweeted that file size can’t measure the merits of a game. He noted that file sizes of other games tend to go up when they include 3D CG cinemas, which Final Promise Story apparently doesn’t. Another question raised regarded voice acting, of which Final Promise Story contains some, but not as much as the titles pumped out by the bigger developers. It seems to be reserved mostly for the biggest, most critical story sequences.

Set to release in Japan on April 28, Final Promise Story pre-orders are currently sold out on, indicating the high anticipation of this game. Interested importers, or those who want to add this to their potential Christmas lists — if it should be localized — might want to check out the official website.