Starhawk Prepping for Take Off, Navigate First Rumored Details

The rumored sequel to the 2007 PS3 hit Warhawk has been talked about for a long time by fans, and details along with a possible confirmation have finally emerged.

Considering the success of Warhawk on the PS3, it would seem ludicrous for a sequel to not be made. However, it wasn’t until now that we’ve heard any details on the game, or even whether or not it exists. Now confirmed by a Sony employee speaking anonymously with SystemLink, the sequel will in fact be titled Starhawk as was heavily rumored previously, and will remain a PS3 exclusive. More importantly, the source confirmed that the core gameplay elements of Warhawk will remain largely intact. It will still be a 3rd person shooter game, with vehicular combat that includes APCs, tanks, and of course the all important space ships. The setting will be in another universe away from Earth, where battles will take place either on a planet’s surface or somewhere within space itself. The space fights will have small bits of land for ground troops to fight on (likely asteroids or something similar), but there won’t be any transition from space to a planet surface, or vice versa. Thus, the planet side fights will be more reminiscent of Warhawk, where aerial battles will be restricted to within the planet’s atmosphere.

The main focus will still be on multiplayer combat, however this time around a single player campaign will also be included. No other word was mentioned on what that would involve, but hopefully it will at least serve as a basic tutorial for new comers to the franchise. Starhawk will also be running on a brand new game engine. The engine should bring us much higher quality visuals and animations, but the cartoonish artistic style will remain intact at the same time. Upon release the game will only be available in physical format, unlike it’s predecessor which is currently available both on disc and for Blu-Ray. This is likely due to a larger amount of data from the new game engine, and it could of course change in the future as PSN advances.

That’s about all we’ve learned for now, except that the official announcement for Starhawk should arrive mid-May. Barring that, we’ll likely see it at E3, hopefully revealing much more, and PlayStation LifeStyle will definitely be there to bring you all the details. Considering the anonymity of the source of these details, we’d definitely chalk all this up as a rumor, but note that SystemLink claims they “can 100% confirm that this information is real and legitimate.” Most of these details seem in line with what we expected, so even if the source turns out to not be involved with the project, it may still end up being true. What do you think of the new Starhawk details, and are you excited to take the dogfight to space?

Thanks skypeonps3