NIS America to Wine & Dine at Spring Premiere Event

May 5, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

NIS America is preparing to make a few announcements at their Spring Premiere event May 13th in good ol’ San Francisco. The event will consist of an hour-long presentation at 1pm, followed by two hours full of press interviews, demos and almost certainly Prinnies.

In the press release, NIS America PR Manager Nao Zook promises “awesome announcements which I bet you cannot even guess”!

I know we might have some trouble guessing the games but who cares — it’s NISA, you know the games will be good. So far the only confirmed title to be present at the event is Disgaea 4, which is releasing on the PlayStation 3 later this year. To handle interviews for D4, chief programmer Masahiro Yamamoto will be on hand and ready to serve up some answers.

8 days until the event and PlayStation LifeStyle will have someone there to bring you all these “awesome announcements”.