The Darkness II Boxart and Screens Live Up to the Name

May 5, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

When The Darkness revealed itself back in 2007, its gloomy presentation and story fit well with its name. While it never became the talk of the town, many regarded it as a creepy title that contained tons of great surprises for the unsuspecting customers who bought it. Four years later, 2k Games has given a release date for The Darkness II, and now we get to see what will contain its dark soul.

The official PlayStation 3 boxart for The Darkness II is visible below:

If you played The Darkness, you’re reasonably aware that it reveled in blood, gore, and violence in general. Judging by a couple of new screenshots, The Darkness II will carry that tradition with honor. See for yourself below:

2K games provided an intense trailer along with the game’s targetted release date of October yesterday. Check out the video to see what’s in store for survival-horror fans.