Rockstar Translates Suave L.A. Noire Characters to PSN Avatars

May 7, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

L.A. Noire has been a news magnet during these weeks leading up to its release, which is only fair given its multiple years of development. We just learned that the game nearly fills up an entire Blu-ray, and we even got our first glimpse at the world map, something very important for games of its nature.

Rockstar Games published titles have a long history of engrossing stories and memorable characters, so when we say premium PSN avatars are coming to the PlayStation Store, you have an excuse for being excited. A Rockstar staff member made the following comment on their blog about Team Bondi’s game:

Look for L.A. Noire-themed PSN avatars to go up on the PlayStation Store soon after the PlayStation Network comes back online and is functional.

The PlayStation Store won’t be available until shortly after the other features of PSN are up and running, so might even have beaten L.A. Noire before these avatars can be equipped. But that’s okay, because if the characters are as cool as the trailers make them look, that will be precisely when you want to sport an avatar.