Set up the Perfect Zombie Defense in Dead Block

Don’t have enough zombie titles in your games library? Digital Reality have announced Dead Block for the PSN, a game where this time the zombie apocalypse has been caused by what we have feared for ages: Rock and Roll.

Dead Block is a third-person zombie defense game that sports a classic zombie movie vibe to its visuals and runs on Epic’s Unreal Engine 3. The game revolves around the last three survivors of a zombie invasion started by good old rock and roll. The three characters left alive couldn’t be bigger opposites than they already are – a construction worker Jack Foster, traffic warden Foxy Jones, and always hungry boy scout Mike Bacon.

These three will fight through a total of 10 single-player stages, taking refuge in various shelters around town and using blockades, traps, and weapons to fend off the hordes of zombies. The game supports up to four players via split-screen which adds an extra eight levels created specifically for the mode.

Dead Block will be releasing later this year on the PlayStation Network, XBLA, and PC.