Console Price Cuts are Coming Says Kotick

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, who is known for his strong opinions and love for all things green has hinted that Sony and Microsoft are planning price cuts for their respective consoles.

Talking with the Financial Times following Activision’s first quarter earnings, Kotick said:

We’ve more confidence in consumer spending, we feel like some of that has stabilised and there are price cuts on the [console] hardware in the works.

We are almost certain that this means the PS3 and 360, seeing as how Nintendo have already announced a price cut for the Wii. Kotick goes on to touch on next generation consoles and how we would prefer platform holders to focus on their online networks rather than new consoles.

The industry is evolving – we had more than 50 percent of our revenues from digital this quarter – and one of the things you realise is that there’s less of a need for new hardware when people become much more enthusiastic about the online components of the game.

The platform used to be defined as just the box, but the platform today is really the box plus all the online services and capabilities.

With that said, what do you think the price would be cut to and do you agree Sony should focus on the online aspect of their console over new hardware?