Oops: Starhawk Screens Released Early

If Sony was in control of the government, Wikileaks would never have existed, with the tonight’s big reveal title Starhawk having been known to be in development for years. We also knew long in advance that it would be announced today, but now – before GTTV could even reveal it – the first screenshots have hit the web.

Accidentally posted on GameSpot early under the name of “Starhawk“, before being hastily removed, the screens show a huge jump over Warhawk in terms of visuals:

There is also a noticeable change in art direction to what seems to be a darker, possibly more serious tone. The space setting has again been confirmed, with a huge planet shown in the background of one screen.

GTTV’s official reveal is still sure to include tons of exciting new news and full-blown gameplay, so stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for the big reveal later tonight.