Batman Themed FPS Announced: Gotham City Imposters

May 16, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Wait, does that say a Batman themed first person shooter? But the dark knight doesn’t use guns! Despite that, a new game has been announced which will have Batman imposters wielding firearms against their jester dressed enemies.

The new game is Gotham City Imposters, and it’s being developed by Monolith Productions, who you may remember from their F.E.A.R. franchise, or the Condemned series. The new game will have players running and gunning in first person shooter combat, while dressed to resemble either Batman or the Joker. The game will be multiplayer only, and despite lacking a single player campaign, still has a bit of back story to set up why there are Batman and Joker imposters riddling the city with bullet holes. It’s pretty basic though, boiling down to a bunch of gang members dressing like jesters while doing their looting, who piss off local citizens to the point where they decide to dress as the caped crusader to defend themselves.

Team Deathmatches place gamers on either the side of the ‘Batz’ or the ‘Jokerz’, each with their own customizable outfits to give a slightly unique look, while still representing their current side appropriately. Character’s body types can also be customized for varying levels of mobility and strength. An initial demo for the press allowed for 8 players in a game, but Monolith Productions said they have yet to decide on a final player count. Besides Team Deathmatch, a one flag CTF mode was shown, called “Psych Ward,” which uses a large car battery as the flag. If players manage to deliver the battery to its destination they score a point, and deal a large shock to the entire enemy team which renders them temporarily helpless, and only able to defend themselves with a slap attack. Weapons available during games are reportedly standard fare, although a home made rocket launcher dubbed “The Thunder Dragon” was available, as well as grappling hooks to reach distant ledges.

Gotham City Imposters is currently planned for release on PC, XBLA, and of course the PSN. There’s no word yet on the time frame of release, or any pricing plans, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for more details as they arrive. Even if it’s not actually Batman in the game, it seems a bit odd to make a Batman themed shooting game, considering his policy on the use of firearms. Nonetheless, Arkham City might make a good place to shoot up some baddies. Let us know what you think of the new announcement in the comments below, and keep checking back for more information as we find it!