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Final Fantasy Type-0 Site Gets Major Update

May 17, 2011Written by Allen Tyson

Square Enix has started the week off right by providing one of the titles in the Fabula Nova Crystallis-verse  an update, something PSP fans will be quite happy about. The official site for Final Fantasy Type-0 was given a nice update that provides more details on the characters, gameplay, and even gives a surprise or two.

The areas of the site are broken down into specific sub-categories, each receiving new content:


Under the World link, a Glossary has been added for terms such as Peristyliums and for a portion of the games original title: Agito.


This area has been updated as well. Class Zero profiles for Rem and Machina have been updated—intriguing because thus far they are the only characters to be using what seem to be their real names—and 5 new additions have been made to the Sub Character section.


Updates providing a section for  the Summons of showing Ifrit and Golem. Also further details on the Battle Style for characters like Ace shown wielding his cards.


Under the “Download” section, 2 new HD resolution wallpapers have been uploaded showing 5 members of the cast.

Unless we hear otherwise, Final Fantasy Type-0 should arrive sometime this Summer.