Lots of Exciting Final Fantasy XIV Changes Look to Right the Ship

May 24, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

Final Fantasy XIV has been an absolute disaster for the folks over at Square Enix, not only financially, but reputation-wise as well. But they haven’t given up. After handfuls of major changes, some of which were surprising staff adjustments, FFXIV has slowly progressed its way toward being a game that warrants a subscription fee respectably. A series of patches has been implemented, and the latest public letter shows that plenty more are in the pipeline.

Square Enix Producer Naoki Yoshida has published the tenth “Letter from the Producer” for Final Fantasy XIV, and it details an extensive plan aimed to continue positive progress for the title. Among the major changes are additions of quests, adjustments of the user interface, tweaks of the market system, as well as tons of others that should make the game more enjoyable to play. This statement arrived shortly after a public statement involving plans to revamp the battle system in an aim to make it more well-rounded and exciting, something the game desperately needs.

Yoshida was recently quoted as saying it may take about one to two years before Final Fantasy XIV is completely revamped. This is a similar timeline to what its older brother Final Fantasy XI experienced. If this is accurate, then so be it, and as long as the game is competitive in play value among a sea of similar titles, there’s room for it in the MMORPG market.

The entirety of the details are available in the full letter.