Call of Duty Elite Official Details: Both Free And Premium Services Offered

Initial details on a subscription-based service for additional content for Modern Warfare 3 came to light late last night. Shortly after, Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling responded to the details and fears of the shooter going fully subscription-based via his Twitter account, promising a reveal today. Now, publisher Activision has officially detailed the mew subscription-based service, Call of Duty Elite.

Call of Duty Elite, which launches this Fall, is a new service that will provide the Call of Duty community an in-depth analysis of their own, as well as other players’ various COD stats including weapons, kills, play-style, and more statistical information. Activision said Call of Duty Elite will be “easily accessible for all Call of Duty players”.

Call of Duty Elite will be fully integrated into Modern Warfare 3, and will be free for all players. However, there’ll be a premium membership that is needed if players want additional content and services. A price for the membership and what it offers hasn’t yet been detailed; Activision is likely still ironing out plans internally in anticipation for Modern Warfare 3‘s launch in November. Although, Activision did say that Elite will go into beta this summer by being featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The first screenshots and trailer for Call of Duty Elite can be viewed below:

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