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Call of Duty Elite Shutting Down on February 28th, 2014

Logged in recently? You get 2 hours of Call of Duty: Ghosts Double XP!

Call of Duty: Elite Getting Major Updates, Black Ops 2 Features Entirely Free


Call of Duty Elite Manages to Entice Over 1 Million Paying Players

Call of Duty Elite may have received harsh criticism since it wasRead the full article…

Activision Enforces Call of Duty Elite After Removing Free Videos

When the world learned that Activision wasn’t joking about charging yearly feesRead the full article…

Two Million and Counting Sign Up for Call of Duty: Elite Beta

While the initial announcement of the subscription-based Call of Duty: Elite mayRead the full article…

Call of Duty Elite Official Details: Both Free And Premium Services Offered

Call of Duty Elite is free for all, but offers additional subscription services for a fee. Full details inside.

Call of Duty Takes the Warfare to Your Wallet with a Monthly Fee [UPDATE]

Call of Duty Elite will be a monthly subscription service, but what exactly will we be paying for?