Two Million and Counting Sign Up for Call of Duty: Elite Beta

While the initial announcement of the subscription-based Call of Duty: Elite may have been met with mixed reaction, the general consensus is that Activision has a hit on their hands. Two weeks after the launch of the beta for the upcoming service, the publisher is already able to boast some impressive figures in the short period of time. 

In just two weeks, over two million Call of Duty players have signed up for the beta of Call of Duty: Elite. Despite the large number in the short timeframe, Activision believes the numbers could be better. According to the social media manager at Activision, Dan Amrich:

Two million volunteers among 30 million Call of Duty players is a small amount. More would be even better.

The spokesman does raise a point regarding the turnout but, seeing as how the Call of Duty franchise has turned to a relatively mainstream title, only the hardest of hardcore of the bunch are really expected to dig deepest into what the franchise has to offer. We’ve seen that the PlayStation LifeStyle community has been vocal about Call of Duty: Elite since the official announcement and detailing. Have any of our readers signed up for the beta? Tell us along with your thoughts in the comments below.