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Bungie Rolls Out Update for PS4 Destiny Beta, Maintenance Now Over

Beta is live once more for those interested in playing Destiny.


Return of Destiny Beta Post-Maintenance to Bring “Permanent Rewards,” Special Events and More, Claims Bungie

Make sure to log back in tomorrow for surprises from Bungie!


Destiny Vanguard Armory Pre-order Bonus Shown in New Trailer

Don’t forget: The Destiny beta is offline today and tomorrow.


Destiny Player Characters Can be Carried Over to Future Games, If Any

Once a Guardian, always a Guardian.

Jonty Barnes (third from left)

Destiny Producer Reveals That the Game Has Taken “Absolutely Everything” He Has to Give

A young Jonty Barnes was on a mission.


Destiny Beta Launches ‘The Iron Banner’ Event Today, Sony Sending Out Free Codes (Update)

Lord Saladin comes to the Tower today.


Bungie: We Have to “Earn the Right” to Make a Sequel to Destiny

Is it in Destiny’s…destiny?


Activision-Blizzard Then-Parent Company Vivendi Almost Fired Bobby Kotick

Vivendi unleashed the Attack Dogs and fought back.


Bungie Explains Why Destiny Cross-Platform Play Isn’t Happening

Bungie plans for your character to stay with you for 10 years.


Destiny Beta Starts Today at 10AM PT/1PM ET/6PM BT (Update)

Prepare yourself, Guardian.


Destiny Companion App Shown in New Video, Available for iOS and Android, Windows Phone Version Not Planned (Update)

It will be available during the beta for all four platforms.


Ex-Panama Dictator Manuel Noriega Sues Activision Over Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Likeness

Lawsuit claims Black Ops 2 portrays him “as a kidnapper, murderer, and enemy of the state.”


Bungie to Invite “Small Wave of Trusted Allies” to Test the Destiny Beta Ahead of Launch

Beta testing the beta…for real.


Bungie Explains What to Expect From Destiny Beta and How It Differs From the Alpha

Off to Old Russia we go.


Bungie: Destiny Beta Is a Test and You’re the Lab Rat

Download codes will be delivered via e-mail.

Destiny Fight

Report: Destiny Beta to Include Four Story Chapters and Competitive Multiplayer

Get ready, Guardians!

destiny beta client

Report: Destiny Beta Client Can be Downloaded via EU PSN Accounts Right Now

Things are about to get a little crazy.


Mars’ Blind Watch Map Revealed in New Destiny Gameplay Videos

It takes more than 30 seconds to see everything.

destiny logo header

PlayStation LifeStyle Destiny Beta Code Giveaway

Want a beta code? Come forth within, Guardian!

Destiny Logo

Destiny Gameplay Videos Feature Shores of Time Map, Titan Domination

Shores of Time will be part of the beta.