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Seven Minutes of The Legend of Korra Gameplay Revealed in New Video

Footage captured on a PS4.


Bungie: Destiny Beta Was a “Tremendous Success”

“We learned so much about our game.”


Activision Teams Up With Vice to Explore Private Military Contractors for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Some of them are in it for the money.


Bungie Responds to Fans Disappointed About One Destination Per Planet in Destiny

It’s bigger than Texas.


Report: Destiny to Have One Destination Per Planet According to Bungie’s David Dague

Disappointment levels are high.

Destiny Space

Destiny Beta Might Not End This Weekend, There’s a Possibility of Extension

Super charged yet?


Play Destiny Beta Today to be Able to Go to the Moon, Open for Two Hours Only

New story mission available.


Activision: Destiny Ghost Edition Was Meant to be “Truly Limited”

You might want to check your pre-order.


Bungie Opens Destiny Beta to Everyone

We need your help, guardian.


The Iron Banner Event Returns to Destiny Beta on July 25 & 26

More surprises are still to come.


Videos Show and Teach How to Get Into Destiny Beta Sectioned Off Areas

King’s Watch, Jovian Complex and Seraphim Vault can be accessed in the beta! Watch the video to know how!


Bungie Rolls Out Update for PS4 Destiny Beta, Maintenance Now Over

Beta is live once more for those interested in playing Destiny.


Return of Destiny Beta Post-Maintenance to Bring “Permanent Rewards,” Special Events and More, Claims Bungie

Make sure to log back in tomorrow for surprises from Bungie!


Destiny Vanguard Armory Pre-order Bonus Shown in New Trailer

Don’t forget: The Destiny beta is offline today and tomorrow.


Destiny Player Characters Can be Carried Over to Future Games, If Any

Once a Guardian, always a Guardian.

Jonty Barnes (third from left)

Destiny Producer Reveals That the Game Has Taken “Absolutely Everything” He Has to Give

A young Jonty Barnes was on a mission.


Destiny Beta Launches ‘The Iron Banner’ Event Today, Sony Sending Out Free Codes (Update)

Lord Saladin comes to the Tower today.


Bungie: We Have to “Earn the Right” to Make a Sequel to Destiny

Is it in Destiny’s…destiny?


Activision-Blizzard Then-Parent Company Vivendi Almost Fired Bobby Kotick

Vivendi unleashed the Attack Dogs and fought back.


Bungie Explains Why Destiny Cross-Platform Play Isn’t Happening

Bungie plans for your character to stay with you for 10 years.