Did Forbes Just Accidentally Out “a New God of War 3D Adventure”?

Keeping secrets isn’t one of Sony’s strong points, with the technology giant generally leaking like a rusty bucket in the lead up to all it’s major game conventions. However, for this year’s E3, Sony has been able to keep remarkably quiet about what they’ll announce later today. Unfortunately for them, Forbes may have just “done a Sony” and let the Kratos shaped cat out of the bag.

Forbes writer John Gaudiosi summarised his thoughts on the PS3’s upcoming library after being “able to get hands-on time with most of Sony’s big games before E3 2011” [emphasis added]:

Sony’s press conference will announce some additional titles, including a new God of War 3D adventure, but these five titles should help drive sales of PS3 hardware this year and also keep PS3 gamers happy now that the hacking incident is over.

We’ll be live at E3 covering Sony’s conference, so stay tuned to PSLS to be the first to find out if this is true.